Monday, July 15, 2019

FMA School Gifts: 2019 Update

Family memberships and donations allow Friends of Music & the Arts to support arts education in the Scarsdale schools. FMA makes gifts to each school in the district and provides awards and recognition for outstanding student achievements in music, art and drama; receptions at school concerts and events; an annual teacher appreciation luncheon for district arts faculty; promotion of student arts events; and representation of student needs at Board of Education meetings.

School/Department    Year                 Description                                         
SHS/Music & Drama     2019                Theatrical lighting for auditorium
                                      2018                Microphones
                                      2017                Concert conductor’s podium
                                      2016                Wenger violin/viola storage rack
                                      2015                Casio electronic keyboard plus accessories
                                      2014                Music clip for outside performances; Prop room storage organizers and shelving            
SHS/Art                         2019                Artwork display pedestals
                                      2018                Display boards
                                      2017                Movable display boards to exhibit student work
                                      2016                Helped fund purchase of dry mounting press for student artwork
                                      2015                Helped purchase showcase for student sculpture
                                      2014                Video monitor (with wall mount) to display student artwork

SMS/Music                    2019                Acoustic amp with Bluetooth for student performance groups
                                      2018                Timpani Tuning Gauges
                                      2017                iOgrapher filmmaking bundle
                                      2016                1 UE Mega Bluetooth speaker;  25-30 headphone splitters for use in music computer lab
                                      2015                PreSonus AudioBox (high quality recording device), to record student performances / rehearsals
                                      2014                1 viola outfit; 3 viola bows; various string instrument supplies

SMS/Art                         2019                Megaboom Bluetooth speaker and Apple Pencils for digital art explorations
                                      2018                Artograph LED Light pad Light boxes; Drying Rack
                                      2017                2 rubber tack bulletin boards and poster frame
                                      2016                Apple iPad for 7th grade art program
                                      2015                Apple iPad 16gb for image research in art classroom
                                      2014                Apple iPad 16gb for image research in art classroom

Edgewood                    2019                Hand bells for music classes and performances
                                      2018                Healthmate Air Cleaner for art room
                                      2017                High performance supra-aural studio headphones for the music department
                                      2016                Portable rack for cooling/drying/ transporting student artwork
                                      2015                10 “Makey Makey” Invention Kits
                                      2014                Heavy-duty paper cutter

Fox Meadow                2019                Remo key-tuned Tubano Drum and accessories for music classes and performances
                                      2018                Aluminum Frame White Board; Blick Artists Taboret
                                      2017                Drum for music classes and performances
                                      2016                Portable rack for cooling/drying/ transporting student artwork
                                      2015                10 “Makey Makey” Invention Kits
                                      2014                Digital camera and accessories for documenting student work

Greenacres                  2019                2 1/4 size Violin outfits; 2 Double bass rosins; 1 Viola shoulder rest
                                      2018                Screenflex Study Carrel 2 panel
                                      2017                Art: Light tracer, mod Podge Gloss Finish, Utility knife
                                                              Music: snare drum stands, foam rubber shoulder rests, stereo microphone, sand blocks
                                      2016                Art supplies; Practice pads, stands, accessories for orchestra and chorus 
                                      2015                Percussion instruments
                                      2014                Art workstation; Bell kit and sheet music               

Heathcote                   2019                Paper cutter for art room
                                      2018                Yamaha STATEPAS 600i Portable PA System
                                      2017                Variety of drums 
                                      2016                Portable rack for cooling/drying/ transporting student artwork
                                      2015                7 ukuleles and accessories
                                      2014                2 portable lightboxes

Quaker Ridge            2019                Air purifier for art room
                                      2018                Mounting Boards for art work
                                      2017                Slab roller for clay
                                      2016                4 cello bows and 2 alto glockenspiels
                                      2015                Percussion instruments; stringed instrument supplies 
                                      2014                Artists’ manikins;  Bowgrips; percussion instruments