FMA Gifts to Scarsdale Schools

Annual memberships and donations to FMA made the following $5000 in school gifts possible in 2019:

High School:                Theatrical Lighting for Auditorium (3-year phase in)
                                   Artwork Display Pedestals

Middle School:             Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker and Apple Pencils for art classes 
                                   Acoustic Amp with Bluetooth for music classes and student 

Edgewood School:        
Hand Bells for music classes and performances

Fox Meadow School:     Remo key-tuned Tubano Drum and accessories for music classes 
                                   and performances

Greenacres School:       2 1/4 size Violin Outfits, 2 Double Bass rosins, and 1 Viola shoulder 
                                   rest for music classes

Heathcote School:        Paper Cutter for Art Room

Quaker Ridge School:   Air Purifier for Art Room

These items were requested by the music and arts faculty at each school, approved by department chairs and/or school principals, and accepted by the Board of Education.