Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome to the new Friends of Music & the Arts website!  

We're excited about the coming school year and all the wonderful arts-related activities and events to come in the Scarsdale schools.  We're proud to say that last spring FMA continued our tradition of providing very concrete support for the arts in Scarsdale: in June, the Scarsdale Board of Education accepted $5,310 from FMA that represented gifts to each school in the district, dedicated to the purchase of equipment and supplies as requested by the arts faculty at each school, coordinated with the principals.  These gifts included:

SHS: a video monitor with wall mount for displaying student artwork; shelving and other organizational supplies for the drama department's prop room; and a special clip for use by the music department during outdoor performances.

SMS: a new viola outfit, new bows and other strings supplies for the orchestra; an iPad to aid the art department in doing image research.

Edgewood: a heavy-duty paper cutter for the art room.

Fox Meadow: a digital camera and accessories for documenting student artwork.

Greenacres: a workstation for the art room; a bell kit and sheet music for the music department.

Heathcote: two portable lightboxes for the art room.

Quaker Ridge: artists' manikins for the art room; bow grips and percussion instruments for the music department.

In addition to these gifts, FMA acknowledged high school student achievements in the arts with certificates and awards; we provided hospitality at a number of concerts and other arts events throughout the district; and we honored our wonderful district arts faculty with a luncheon in May.

With your support, we hope to do as much and even more for the arts in Scarsdale in the year ahead.  Please join us for the 2014-15 school year! You can  download our 2014-15 membership form by clicking here.  Thank you!


Kathy Gray
President, Friends of Music & the Arts in the Scarsdale Schools